The Garden June 2017

Some new shots that were taken in the Garden in May & June 2017. It’s an ever-changing landscape of flowers and plants blooming and growing.

The new fruit trees seem to be doing well, the palms are growing, the grapevine is producing fruit and the newly planted hibiscus keeps sharing its beauty with is with vibrant yellow flowers.

You can enjoy the garden on one of the sunbeds under a huge umbrella that will offer shade from the sun, or sit on one of the many little alcoves.

At night the garden is illuminated.

Pergola Sun Deck

The Pergola Sun Deck is the perfect place to sit with a drink, enjoy breakfast, have a conversation or just cruise the internet.

The hard wearing furniture comes in movable modules, so it can be organised to suit yourself. Connect it all together and put your feet up, or create the perfect place to chat to family or friends.

Enjoy sunrise, sunsets, cocktails or afternoon tea, as the deck will get the sun most of the day as it moves across the sky.